Course at a Glance

Talk to Phonetics

Revisiting the relation between English Pronunciation and Transcription

This course is ideally suitable for teachers of English, professionals, advanced students and Translators. The main objective is to gain control over the production of English sounds and its correspondence to the British English Phonetic Transcription, and ultimately boost your pronunciation of English. Why not letting a good transcription reflect good sounds!!!

Phonetics Talks

You always wanted to know more about the authors behind the books you use in Phonology? Do you want to talk to them? Ask the writer questions about their books?
If the answer is …: Yes !!!You are in the right place. The course will offer you the possibility of interviewing the writers of the books you will use during the course . This is an amazing opportunity. Let`s get down to the nitty-gritty of phonology with the most amazing phoneticians

Meet the Tutors


Stella Palavecino

Master Stella Palavecino is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials designer based in B.A. She holds a specialisation in Phonetics and Phonology, and a postgraduate degree in Higher Education and ICT, and Pedagogy. She has written articles and reviews for IATEFL PronSIG journal SpeakOut as well as delivering presentations on the field of phonology at conferences for teachers of English as a foreign language. She is also the PronSIG scholarship winner for the IATEFL 2020 annual conference. At the moment, she lectures in Phonetics and Phonology I and II, and English Diction at IES en Lenguas Vivas ‘ Juan R Fernandez’ Teacher Training Colleges and Translation Programmes. She is a founding member of B.A. English House, where she designed ‘An Assistantship in EFL Education’ programme’ offered to college students from Bristol and Manchester university, UK. Alongside the British Council, APIBA and other ELT organizations, she has organized webinars and conferences that promote continuous professional development. As a language consultant, she participated in the review of PronPack 1-4 by Mark Hancock and Keynote Intermediate by Paul Dummett.

Virginia Perez de Casal

Virginia is a teacher of English and has been a teacher trainer for more than 25 years at both ISP “Joaquin V. Gonzalez” and ISLV “Juan Ramon Fernandez”. She has specialized in the field of Phonetics and pronunciation of English at ISP “Joaquin V. Gonzalez”. She also gives courses on intonation and prosody in English. She is also part of the teaching staff at the Master’s degree in Translation at Universidad de Buenos Aires. She holds Bachelor degree in English Language from UTN. She has given many workshops in the field of pronunciation at various levels and has also been an oral examiner for the University of Cambridge international exams.

The Whats, Hows, and Whys

The approach promoted in the course is a ‘learning-by-doing’ methodology. Participants will deal with classroom tasks such as:

  1. Working with authentic material such as songs, film excerpts, and short engaging conversations to introduce Spanish difficulties at acquiring vowels, consonants, connected speech and intonation,
  2. Understanding the IPA alphabet at transcribing natural speech oral texts,
  3. Boosting oral pronunciation while relating transcription to oral production
  4. Making recordings and getting weekly feedback on recorded material
  5. Reading at first sight,
  6. Meeting the international well known phoneticians


All the wide range of hands-on activities mentioned above will train participants to improve oral production of vowels, consonants and intonation patterns by transcribing the sounds of English .

The course will last 5 weeks, starting online as from Saturday 20th February 2021 to March 27th 2021. Participants will take Zoom lessons with their tutors for 6 consecutive Saturdays from 10.30 to 12.00 PM. There will be weekly assignments that will help participants to make progress in English phonetics.

Giving feedback will be the key issue in this workshop. To that extent, tutors will open an asynchronous platform with access to the recordings of the sessions and assignments to do.

Take part of a depth interview with the writers!!

Meet the Writers


Dr Geoff Lindsay

Dr Geoff Lindsay is a Honorary lecturer in Linguistics at University College London and Director of UCL’s annual Summer Course in English Phonetics, holds a BA from UCL and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles.Contributed to the revision of the IPA, co-edits the online pronunciation dictionary CUBE, and has also had a successful career a television writer.

Dr Hector Ortiz Lira

Hector Ortiz-Lira, teacher of English as a second language and voice actor, taught English and Spanish phonetics at Chilean universities for fifty years. Holds an MA from the University of Leeds, a PhD from the University of Manchester, and a First Class IPA Certificate. Author of A course in English phonetics for Spanish speakers, La fonética en Chile (1829-2000) and various papers on English and Spanish phonetics.

Course Dates and Syllable


February 27th

The production, and difficulties of the English Vowels for Spanish Speakers
Transcribing words and phrases
The International Phonetic Alphabet

March 6th

The production, and difficulties of the English Consonants for Spanish Speakers
Transcribing words and phrases

March 13th

Allophonic transcription and reading at first sight

March 20th

Major difficulties to understand English in Connected Speech.
Linking- weak and strong forms-elision Syllabic consonants-Assimilation

March 27th

Intonation: Tonality-Nucleus and tail- Tones

April 3rd

Intonation II : analysis of texts, films and songs
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