Teach English in Argentina

Two Cultures, one World

Teach English at Buenos Aires English House. Volunteers will find themselves teaching English to students aged anywhere from 5 to adults. They will be assistant teachers helping the school’s regular English teachers by providing native English speakers’ conversation and pronunciation skills.

The language school is an institution where children from a variety of backgrounds from kindergarten , secondary school  to adults attend English lessons , and so assistant teachers whose native language is English are in great demand. Volunteers can also assist in drama, literature quizzes , workshops ,excursions  and other activities.

In return , we offer a Spanish courses and a complete immersion  program . You can  take part in social activities with argentines such as debate nights, musical bingos, outings , excursions, converstion exhange, soccer matches, tango lessons,etc .

Tourists could never dream of getting to know B A in such a real context of  interaction with  argentines and making new friends.

Want to see a different side of Buenos Aires?
Want to get out of the world of tourists?
Want to experience real life?
Want to share your English with young people?
Come and volunteer at English House!

Excursions in Argentina

You will be discovering Argentina both inside and outside the classroom. Buenos Aires is in the lively capital of Argentina and here we will make many opportunities available for you to get introduced to our country along with its great treasures, beautiful destinations, and unique traditions and cultures. In classes you will be concentrating on your language skills while exploring Spanish themes. Your natural curiosity about Argentina will be awakened. Practically everything offered by our country can be explored through our Special Programs.


Spanish Immersion Program

  • Transfer in/out from/to the airport
  • 20  one to one or group Spanish lessons


  • Tango/Salsa/ Merengue lessons
  • Karaoke nights
  • Conversation Exchange
  • Debate Nights
  • Camp Day: Enjoy a day outside the city, ride horses, taste a delicious barbecue

These services include all Buenos Aires English House services (level test at the beginning and end of the course, exchange and cultural activities interacting with native speakers of Spanish, all material, certificates of accreditation)

  • Accommodation : family stay/hostel/ apartment
  • Cultural and Sport activities
  • Cell phone: rent one to be in contact all day long
  • Student´s coordinator : Buenos Aires English House guide will be there to organize activities during weekends, and short trips

And get introduced to the Argentinean traditions and folk.

  • Volunteering
  • Internship in teaching English

What English Native Speakers say About Us

Edward Hasbrouck's

Back in Brussels
Six months into my current year-long trip around the world, I’m spending this week in Brussels (Belgium). Some of the high points of our trip so far include English House in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Potosi (Bolivia), driving across the Atacama Desert and down the desert coast of northern Chile, Brazilian hospitality, Porto (Portugal), Ourense (Spain), the train trip through and along the Pyrenees, and Marseille (France).

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Welcome to the students os English House, Buenos Aires

I’ve been too busy to write much since arriving in Buenos Aires almost a month ago.
But today I must interrupt my own  work for the Identity Project , to welcome the students of English House to my blog.

Several times in the past, I’ve visited schools of English as a foreign language or as a second language to volunteer as a guest native speaker of English. Each time, I’ve found it a great opportunity to interact with local people, especially local young people, and talk with them (in English) about things I don’t have the ability to talk about in the local language(s).

English House is unique, in my experience thus far, in having an organized program for native English-speaking volunteers who are

willing to commit to several days or evenings a week for a month or longer. English House also is located in one of the majority of neighborhoods that, in this as in most other cities (even heavily touristed ones), most tourists never visit. I’m excited about getting to know Villa Lugana and its environs. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get to a soccer game of the local team, San Lorenzo , who won the championship of the Argentine first division in the most recent season.

I’ve received a warm welcome from the students and staff at English House, and look forward to getting to know each other, teach each other, and learn from each other in the coming weeks.

Volunteer Work

Buenos Aires English House Volunteer Program

The Buenos Aires English House Volunteers Program offers native speakers of english the opportunity to combine a traditional study abroad language program with a part-time working teaching experience in a community service project. Participants have the opportunity to acquire teaching skills and accreditation by volunteering in many different english classes and on projects away from their native country..
Buenos Aires English House Volunteers Program is open to all ages from 18+ in different spheres of vocational activities including:

working with children/teenagers and adults

Why join Buenos Aires English House Volunteers Program?

To have the opportunity. Lending a hand to people who are working to improve life in their communities.

To gain perspective. Working in solidarity with TEACHERS OF ENGLISH of the host community, helping them carry out their objectives.

To build bridges of mutual respect and understanding. You can be a motivator, just by having come from so far away to lend a hand and exchange ideas.

To mingle with real argentines and make new friends

Buenos Aires English House Volunteers Program requirement to intern:

Be 18 or over.
Completed high school.
Ability and confidence to interact in a multicultural environment.

Duration. All position requires a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week during at least 6 weeks.

Once completed a Volunteer program is it possible to do another one? Absolutely. Each time you complete a volunteer program you can ask to apply to another one..

Do I receive a certificate for Buenos Aires English House Volunteers Program? Of course. All completers of Volunteers Program receive a certificate of accreditation certifying their teaching experience .

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