July 31 st. 14.30 hs - Buenos Aires Argentina

By Mark Hancock

I’m an English teacher: Should I worry about my accent?

Many of us who are in the business of teaching English suffer from a feeling of accent anxiety. We are embarrassed that our accent does not match the ideal ‘standard’ accent found in books and dictionaries, and we worry that our speech may not be a good pronunciation model for our students. But perhaps our worries are misguided. In this presentation, I will suggest that ‘sounding like a native’ is neither necessary nor sufficient for teaching pronunciation well.
About the tutor

Mark Hancock

is a teacher, trainer, and author of many ELT titles including Pronunciation Games and English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate (both CUP).
His self-published collection PronPack 1-4 received the 2018 ELTons award for innovation in teacher resources.
His latest books are PronPack 5: Pronunciation of English for Spanish Speakers (Hancock McDonald ELT) and Mark Hancock’s 50 Tips for Teaching Pronunciation (CUP).
Mark co-founded the teaching website www.hancockmcdonald.com
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